Package: pfm 0.6.2

pfm: Utilities for Pesticide Fate Modelling

Utilities for simple calculations of predicted environmental concentrations ('PEC' values) and for dealing with data from some FOCUS pesticide fate modelling software packages.

Authors:Johannes Ranke [aut, cre]

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Help pageTopics
Create a chemical compound object for FOCUS Step 1 calculationschent_focus_sw
Deposition from spray drift expressed as percent of the applied dose as published by the JKIdrift_data_JKI
Regression parameters for the Rautmann drift datadrift_parameters_focus
Calculate drift percentages based on Rautmann datadrift_percentages_rautmann
Subset of EFSA crop interception default values for groundwater modellingEFSA_GW_interception_2014
Subset of EFSA crop washoff default valuesEFSA_washoff_2017
Retrieve endpoint information from the chyaml field of a chent objectendpoint soil_DT50 soil_Kfoc soil_N soil_sorption
A very small subset of the FOCUS Groundwater scenario definitionsFOCUS_GW_scenarios_2012
Step 1/2 scenario data as distributed with the FOCUS Step 1/2 calculatorFOCUS_Step_12_scenarios
Actual and maximum moving window time average concentrations for FOMC kineticsFOMC_actual_twa
Calculate the geometric meangeomean
Fit a parabola through three pointsget_vertex
Groundwater ubiquity score based on Gustafson (1989)GUS GUS.chent GUS.numeric print.GUS_result
The maximum time weighted average concentration for a moving windowmax_twa
Create a time series of decline dataone_box one_box.character one_box.mkinfit one_box.numeric
Get the relative accumulation of an FOMC model over multiples of an intervalPEC_FOMC_accu_rel
Calculate predicted environmental concentrations in soilPEC_soil
Calculate initial and accumulation PEC soil for a set of metabolitesPEC_soil_mets
Calculate initial predicted environmental concentrations in surface water due to drainage using the UK methodPEC_sw_drainage_UK
Calculate predicted environmental concentrations in surface water due to driftPEC_sw_drift
Calculate PEC surface water due to drainage as in Exposit 3PEC_sw_exposit_drainage
Calculate PEC surface water due to runoff and erosion as in Exposit 3PEC_sw_exposit_runoff
Calculate PEC surface water at FOCUS Step 1PEC_sw_focus
Calculate predicted environmental concentrations in sediment from surface water concentrationsPEC_sw_sed
Runoff loss percentages as used in Exposit 3perc_runoff_exposit
Runoff reduction percentages as used in Expositperc_runoff_reduction_exposit
Calculate a time course of relative concentrations based on an mkinmod modelpfm_degradation
Plot time series of decline dataplot.one_box
Plot TOXSWA surface water concentrationsplot.TOXSWA_cwa
Read TOXSWA surface water concentrationsread.TOXSWA_cwa
Create decline time series for multiple applicationssawtooth
Actual and maximum moving window time average concentrations for SFO kineticsSFO_actual_twa
Properties of the predefined scenarios from the EFSA guidance from 2015soil_scenario_data_EFSA_2015
Properties of the predefined scenarios from the EFSA guidance from 2017soil_scenario_data_EFSA_2017
Determine the SSLRC mobility classification for a chemical substance from its KocSSLRC_mobility_classification
R6 class for holding TOXSWA water concentration data and associated statisticsTOXSWA_cwa
Estimation of the transpiration stream concentration factorTSCF
Calculate a time weighted average concentrationtwa twa.one_box